Pentagon Security

The concept of Pentagon Security catalyzed from my service as a Navy SEAL Platoon Commander. A SEAL Team thinks about security much differently than how civilians are accustomed to thinking about it. In the world of Special Operations, security occurs where ever the team is – it is fluid, not static like typical home security systems. The focus is placed on protecting the team no matter what situation they are in.

Pentagon Security incorporates a Special Operations security mindset, using a system of easily deployable sensors to create a secure perimeter around the team (aka family members).  Pentagon Security isn’t just a system – it’s a mindset of learning how to take control of your security.

The objective of Pentagon Security is to give you peace of mind no matter where you or your loved ones go. Simply put, security is a state of mind. A few simple actions, paired with adaptable and easy to use sensors, can help you take control of most any situation, keeping you and your family safe and happy. That’s what Pentagon Security is all about.

Alden Mills
Founder of PENTAGON and Perfect Fitness
Three-time Navy SEAL platoon commander